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I'll try to insert videos that people like me can use.  People can learn to do the things they do every day, that makes life more enjoyable.  Not that playing  baseball or football isn't way harder with only one hand, but the people I'm dedicating this page to will probably not join the ranks of them.  (But they might.)




1 Introduction

(These may be silent)

Putting on something so hand doesn't get too tight


5 Turntable number one

Deonna Keiser is the artist along with Paul Sanders, who has written a lot.

Your hobby could be art .

If you ever want to see something One Hand, put it in the Comments above and I'll get it on as soon as I can. 



Don't buy this

When I told about this website I mentioned that I would use hypnosis as a way to fix my stroke. Well it is time. It will be hard, but I will try to say what's worked for me. I can say that it does work.


First you have to make yourself relaxed. To do this you should use one of the hypnotic things on the internet. You should use the internet. This one is the one I use: 




How To Hypnotize Yourself - Self Hypnosis


Second you add what you want to change. Refer to this link to see how:

How to Hypnotize Yourself with 5 Words - Self Hypnosis 

A lot of this is what you want. I know this is hard and I'm not very clear, but like I said it works for me.  Put a word in the comments above and I'll try to help.


This is not for everything.  It won't work for things that are too complicated. Use it for things that are simple. But it does work. 

These are people who get together to play cards.




I've scoured the web to list a bunch of sites you may be looking for. Here they are: