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Stroke Group And Their Toys

05/29/2015 This is the web camera that I used for all my videos.  It is small, lightweight and the videos are superb.  The best part is it is cheap ... under 50.00.  I have two of them and I will take them to shoot the June Mecum auction..

It's Summer In Seattle

Connie Purdy 

and her mom make the outside look good, by planting flowers.

Trip back home  

Mike Washing Dishes

This was taken with The Worlds Smallest Camera and edited and sped up.

 Smallest Camera

The camera in my page got screwed up, so I went on a hunt for a substitute.  I found one, here it is.  Sound is kind of messed up, but that's okay, I won't use it anyway.


With SJ1000 Camera

I now call the the SJ1000.  It will be the camera I use for every day.  This pix is the first use outdoors.  It is a bit muggy/rainy but I let Gary drive.  It goes from my house to the hospital and back to me house again.