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This shows 3 veterans get free dinner on Vets Day.  Shot with SJ1000 Camera.

3 Vets At Applebees


Elizabeth Purdy

Car Show

This is of a Car Show 2013, following John Stitt around.  Near my house.

KRWQ Radio

Here I'm DJ-ing country style in Southern Oregon.

Here's Dave, and family

Dave sings and plays guitar, his wife Ronnie plays guitar, and his lovely kids pack 'er up and go back home.

Edited Thanksgiving

At Carrie's

Lizz on Skype

Barrett Jackson 2014

Mecum 2014

Barret-Jackson 2

The second visit.  Not as neat as number one, but just as fun.

KRKO May 1980

Really 1980, KRKO with the real stars, Judith Larson, Berdine Bagger, and the late  Bill O'Mara on sports.


My first Seattle radio gig.  Oldies KVI.

Elizabeth W/Music

Elizabeth and Dad with approprite music.  Kinda cute.


Taken to show you how the Polaroid CUBE camera looks.  I think it looks similar to the other cameras.  Dates at the lower right are correct.

First Trip Top Down

Polaroid CUBE

Site to see

Blue Angles