Speech To Stroke Survivers



Speech given at the monthly meeting at the Young Adult Stroke Survivors meeting.  This speech was written up by the meeting communicator. He can be reached at www.SeattleYASS.weebly.com.  Email:  gerrit@exality.com


Mike gave a terrific presentation of his life pre- and post-stroke, his recovery, and a little of his philosophy. Here are some highlights:
● Remember to thank your caregiver and also to be grateful. You have the chance to get better and better – many illnesses don't.
● Mike was a DJ on many radio stations for 30 years before his stroke. He got his start in the Tri-Cities and has been on many local stations in 
Seattle. (You can tell – he has a beautiful speaking voice!)
● His stroke happened in July 2000, when his family was not home. The first symptom was loss of sight in one eye. He drove himself to the ER, 
was misdiagnosed, drove home, and fell over at his treadmill shortly thereafter. He lay helpless for hours till his daughter came home and 
called 911.
● He spent 3 days in ICU and a month in rehab. He now has right side paralysis, left eye blindness, and aphasia.
● Mike is proud of re-learning how to drive and of his vintage Mustang. He won an award for best '86-'87 Mustang in a car show in 2010. 
(Although, he sheepishly admits, he was the only entry in that category! He WAS the best though, ya gotta admit.)
● He wrote two screenplays before his stroke, which he wants to publish on line. One is already posted and he is working on the second.
● Mike has a website at www.9spot.club . Building and maintaining the website has been very rewarding, and he will give you some starter tips if you're interested in your own.

Thanks a million, Mike! You gave a great presentation and touched many lives.